Meet our Fall Homecoming Queen Candidates


Shelby Bivens

Homecoming is a week for students to show school spirit and celebrate where they’re from. However, for some, it was more exciting than others. This is because four seniors, two juniors, and two sophomores were chosen to be homecoming queen candidates to represent their class. 

Mylinh Hoelker is a senior at Ozark High School. After graduating, Hoelker wants to attend the University of Arkansas to pursue a degree in architecture. Hoelker hopes to become a residential architect in the future.

 “Being surrounded by my friends and being able to see everyone grow into their best selves is my favorite part about school,” said Hoelker. 

Hoelker would describe herself as driven, optimistic, and energetic. Hoelker will be escorted by Drew Blomquist.

Along with Mylinh, another candidate is Hanna Vorhies. Vorhies is a senior at Ozark High School. Vorhies favorite thing about school is volleyball because she loves her teammates. Vorhies describes herself as friendly, motivated, and caring. After high school, Vorhies wants to go to a four-year university and hopes to become a dermatologist. Vorhies will be escorted by Grant Guse. 

Haley Mallonee is a senior at Ozark High School, she will be escorted by Jace Easley. Mallonee enjoys going to Friday night football games. After high school, Mallonee wants to go to college to become a dentist. Mallonee would describe herself as helpful, caring, outgoing, and fun. 

The last Senior queen candidate is Hannah Vaughan. Vaughan will be escorted by Luke Hulse. Vaughan’s dream career is to be an emergency room physician.

 “Being an emergency room doctor is a profession that will constantly keep me on my toes and that will constantly teach me new things which is exactly what I want in a job,” said Vaughan “I also get to help others which makes the job even better.”

 Vaughan’s favorite thing about school is prom.

“During prom, everyone is filled with so much energy and there is just so much excitement,” said Vaughan. “It is overall a great time to socialize and have a lot of fun with friends.”

After high school, Vaughan plans on going to a four-year university. She would describe herself as comedic and great.

The junior queen candidates were Jenna Kilbourne and Kate Harris and they were escorted by Will Scheer and Ryan Dotson, respectively. 

Sophomore queen candidates were Ella Ferretti and Morgan Evans and they were escorted by Jake Beets and Nick Shoemaker, respectively.