Ozark Raiders are Making Their Mark


Ozark Raiders stand and wait for their awards at the Clinton Meet.

Skylar Hembree, Writer

Raiders is a program under the JROTC branch here at the High School. They are a group of teams that compete in tournaments and competitions across the nation. Competitions for Raiders consist of multiple events which require communication, strength, and endurance.

One of the events that they compete in is the obstacle course.

“The obstacle courses are always so unique to the school that we are competing at and they are the most fun to be a part of,” said Matthew Smith, senior and captain of the mixed team.

The obstacle course, along with many other events, requires a great deal of communication. Sometimes it can be a struggle for teams that do not know how to work well together.

“Finding ways to get my team to work well together is a difficult task. Everybody is different and responds to commands differently, sometimes I have to change the way I lead to get better responses out of the team,” said Smith. 

One of the Raiders’ latest meets was in Leavenworth, Kansas. Ozark had 4 teams compete against 31 teams from 16 other schools. Two of our teams placed in the top 5. The bracket for this tournament consisted of all teams put together, mixed, all boys, and all girls. 

This year is the first year Ozark Raiders have been able to form an all girls team to compete.

“We have never had enough girls in the past that were interested, strong enough, or fast enough to put in an all girls team,” said Junior Sarah Cazier, captain of the all girls team. “We are able to put in a mixed team with our top five girls and an all girls team which we think can place top three at nationals.”

The teams always show great communication, dedication, and always push each other to do their best. The Raiders are more than just a team, they are a family.