Swinging into the Season

The girls golf team starts their season off with a stride of confidence.


Delaney Cardin

Junior Lillian Dopp prepares to swing her club.

Halle Milton, Writer

There is no better feeling than the sense of achievement you get when you see your golf ball floats through the sky. Many people fail when it comes to trying to play golf, because of the pure challenge that comes with it. However, the girls golf team overcame this challenge with grace and confidence. The 2021-22 girls team consisted of two seniors, one junior, one sophomore, and three freshmen. 

While golf is a fun sport, it still has its challenges. Senior Maddie Greenlee has been playing for seven years now, and she had some great advice for future players.

“The hardest part about golf is having a good attitude and positive mindset when you are not playing your best. Play golf hole by hole. You can’t get mad about a past hole and let it affect your future holes,” said Greenlee. 

Not only does golf give students a sport to play, but it impacts their whole lives.

“Golf has impacted my life in a way that I could have never imagined. I’ve made so many great memories and have met so many amazing people along the way,” said Senior Elayna Nill.

Daniel Mullis is the girls golf coach and golf has always been a part of his life.

“I love the challenge everyday when you step on the course. This is a game you will never perfect, but chasing that is what drives you. The best part of coaching is watching my players improve and have a score they didn’t think they could score. It is long days out on the golf course and it is fun watching them grow as players and individuals,” said Mullis. 

The team’s goals this season are to win COC and advance into the state tournament. They are currently about to enter into conference, districts, and state tournaments over the next couple of weeks.