A Look Into the IB Diploma Program


Lindsey Wagner

Seniors Tucker Potts and Carson Friday work on a beginning of year poster for IB Global Politics.

Lindsey Wagner, Writer

The IB program is a group of advanced classes offered to Juniors and Seniors at Ozark High School.  The classes give students college credit and great opportunities outside of high school and into college.

The program tends to be a little intimidating when students first hear about it, but it provides a great education for students.

“The classes definitely aren’t as bad as I thought they would be, but they are still really fun. We are able to do fun things while still working hard which is really cool,” said Junior Gabriel Griffin.

Dr. Alsup is one of many teachers in the IB program. He teaches a few classes, including the Theory of Knowledge Course (TOK) and the IB Film Course.

 “The TOK class is one of my favorites, it teaches us why we think the way we think. Dr. Alsup makes it a very interesting course by teaching us about contemporary issues around the world and things that are relevant to us today,” said Senior Carson Friday.

Friday has been in the IB program for over a year and has a little more experience of what they do in the IB program. Some of the newer students to the program have different ideas and aspects on what they find interesting in the courses they are taking this year. One junior, Logan Harris, finds his film course to be more captivating than some of the other classes.

“Alsup’s film class is definitely my favorite so far; we’ve done really cool things and had really great discussions. I’m mostly excited about getting started on my film. I already have a couple of ideas for what I’m doing this year,” said Harris. 

Whether they are new or have been in IB for a year, the classes keep students very busy and always push them to work as hard as they can.

“Don’t underestimate yourself, and make sure you always put in the time and effort to succeed. You will need to try to stick to due dates as much as you can, because they are really important,” said Friday.