OHS Volleyball Sets the Court with Confidence

Sophomore Ashya Thompson prepares to spike the ball during the teams winning game against Branson.

Brandi McConnell

Sophomore Ashya Thompson prepares to spike the ball during the team’s winning game against Branson.

Brandi McConnell, Writer

Rising back up from defeat can be a difficult task, however, the Ozark High School volleyball team is prepared to accept this challenge by reclaiming their district title. 

In the last two years, the OHS varsity volleyball team has lost districts, which they had won 10 years consecutively prior. However, the team is motivated and ready to finish their season strong.

“This group wants to prove that they are capable of winning districts again. 2018 was our last district, and in 2019 and 2020, Nixa won. 2021 will be year three of trying to reclaim the district title, but they are a very talented squad over there to the west. Reclaiming our district is our number one goal,” said Head Coach Adeana Brewer.

The team is aware that this will not be an easy mission, especially after their Kickapoo and Nixa losses, but the squad plans to climb back up on the scoreboard with courage. They believe that confidence is a focal contributing factor to a successful season.

“Right now, I think our biggest thing that we’re trying to focus on is confidence. Confidence is key, especially when you’re going against big teams that have lots of energy,” said sophomore Ashya Thompson.

The team currently has a 15-7 record, and they are determined to elevate their score.

“We have a saying: Eyes on the rise. So, basically, we try to rise to the occasion of each team we play,” said sophomore Reagan Baade.

While the whole team is committed to success, the devoted group of hard-working seniors has been leading the way through the season. This year, the team consists of a particularly large group of seniors, with seven girls guiding the squad.

“As seniors, it is our responsibility to set the expectation every day for practice. This can be challenging at times, but makes us aware of our attitudes every time we step on the court, whether that’s practice or games,” said senior Kelly Sims.

The seniors also think that the team’s bond can contribute to success in the remaining season.

“We play for each other. We all want to do the best that we can for each other and work together as a unit and not as individuals on the floor. I enjoy playing with all my teammates and their energy. It’s a fun group of people because we’re all such good friends,” said senior Ellie Schrader.

To pull themselves back to the top, the team must work strenuously and be dedicated to winning. The players have to remember to keep their confidence as they step up to fill bigger roles.

“The most challenging part of volleyball is the competition. You have to earn your spot, which teaches you valuable lessons in life,” said junior Maddie Chrestman.

The team will continue to strive for success and they look forward to redeeming themselves through the remainder of the season.