Painting Our Stories


Mr.Cazort demonstrates shading to his art foundations class.

Kaylee Linnebur, Writer

Art is a big part of many OHS students’ lives. You can see it through the pictures hanging on the walls and through the dedicated teachers. 

One student who enjoys art classes at Ozark is Junior Emelie Beckmeier.  Beckmeier has a great love for art, especially pottery.  Beckmeier loves working with her hands and pottery allows just that. As she works, the shape and design comes to her to create a beautiful piece.

“It is really relaxing throwing bowls, and to see it come out how I was envisioning is a really great feeling,” stated Beckmeier.

Students like Beckmeier receive inspiration from the teachers and fellow students in the Art Department. The NAHS leader Mr. John Cazort enhances his student’s artistic abilities by giving them opportunities to push themselves.

“Seeing students grow in art and have that extra interest and dedication is why I love what I do,” said Mr.Cazort. This gives students opportunities to show off their special talents and to build off of each other. 

Some students enjoy carrying what they have learned over into everyday life. Junior Savannah Hughes is a former student in Drawing I, Ceramics I, and Ceramics II. Hughes enjoys sketching whatever is on her mind in her free time now that she is no longer in any drawing classes. While in ceramics, Hughes loved the freedom to create what she wanted. It gave her time to step away from her already busy schedule and take her mind off of things. 

These students are able to take advantage of these opportunities thanks to the wide variety of art classes. Because there are 10 different art classes including an online class, more students are able to have an art experience. Because of this, we are able to expand our talents and experience new things.