Mylinh Hoelker Takes the Stage


Zlata Shapoval, Writer

Band is a musical ensemble with people that perform instrumental or vocal music. Band has been around for centuries and it originated from Germany. Ozark is a school that partakes in Band. Senior Mylinh Hoelker is the drum major for Ozark High School. She has been in band since 6th grade and has been the band major for one in half years. 

“I really like band and I thought that I was the best fit for the job. I wanted to be in charge, help out with the band, and be very involved in it so becoming the band major was the best description for what I wanted,” said Hoelker

Mylinh Hoelker has really been enjoying the pressure of taking on the responsibilities of being a band major. This is definitely something that she wanted to do. The band teachers knew that she was the best fit for the job and all the responsibilities.

“There’s a lot to the job, but definitely the hardest thing is just making sure that everything is organized and making sure all the students have everything that they need. If they lose something,  I have to make sure that they come back to me to get it,” said Hoelker. 

Making sure everyone has everything and keeping everything organized is a very big responsibility. Mylinh Hoelker mentioned that all jobs come with hard responsibilities that you have to do to keep everything going. 

“The most rewarding thing is definitely the performances. They rely on me a lot when we are performing, so when we do get it right, it just feels nice to have something like that accomplished and done perfect.”

This shows that even in the hardest times of life there is always something rewarding. Mylinh Hoelker is happy to be able to represent the OHS band.