• January 21Feb. 4, Varsity Cheer Nationals in Orlando, Fla.
  • January 21Jan. 30, Wrestling COC at Republic
  • January 21Jan. 26, Girls Swim COC at Webb City

The Roar


OHS Roar is the official news site of Ozark High School, created by a staff of student journalists who strive to accurately report on topics that are relevant and interesting to the community of Ozark High School.

This online publication is designed, written, and maintained by students, and all content decisions are made by students.  OHS Roar provides student journalists with opportunities to develop skills in the writing of news, features, and sports, while offering a forum for the exchange of ideas on the opinion pages.

OHS Roar is not considered a public forum, but it will serve as a limited forum for student opinion and ideas.  Since OHS Roar carries with it the implicit endorsement of the Ozark School District, the administration reserves the right to exercise additional editorial control, if necessary and appropriate.

The Student News Site of Ozark High School